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Здесь представлен основной перечень дополнительных команд, которые рабодают в Ragnarok XileRO:
(пока что на англ. и с неточностями)

Краткий список
@questinfo @mobinfo @leave
@qi @monsterinfo @accept
@rura @mi @reject
@warp @exp @away
@who2 @rates @aw
@storage @iteminfo @commands
@gstorage @ii @noask
@go @whodrops @homtalk
@time @me @hominfo
@date @showexp @homstats
@serverdate @autotrade @autostore
@servertime @at @autostorage
@jailtime @changegm @drop
@whosell @changeleader @dance
@uptime @partyoption @autolootitem
@refresh @invite @noks
@autoloot @duel @quest
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всего 51 команда.

@questinfo or @qi
Как правило используется только «@qi -л». При этом будут перечислены все активные задания, которые вы приняли, как например TGTB квест. Каждый Квест обозначается рядом, и введя "@qi <номер>" (пример: @qi 1) будет отображена более полная информация по квесту #1

Дополнительные опции команды:
Ввод "@questinfo -l" (л) будут перечислены все активные задания
Ввод "@questinfo -s" будет отображаться основная информация: установление обратной связи, активные задания
Ввод "@questinfo -f" будет вкл/выкл отображение сообщений обратной связи
Ввод "@questinfo -d#" will drop the quest where # is the questnumber you want dropped
Пример "@questinfo 1" будет отображаться подробная информация на ваш первый Квест
Пример "@questinfo -d18" will will drop the 18th quest

@warp or @rura
This command allows you to warp to any accessible map in the game. The format is @warp [ ] (ex. @warp prt_fild05 60 264). The x and y coordinate values are OPTIONAL, meaning they are not required. If you type only @warp prt_fild05, you will be warped to a random location in prt_fild05.

This command checks player names, and shows you their base and job levels. The format is "@who2 ".

For example: typing "@who2 super" will output:
Name: =-SuPeR_CrOsS-= | L:239/70 | Job: Assassin Cross
Name: sUpeR--maRked~ | L:61/45 | Job: Merchant
2 players found.

Notice that even if "super" is in the middle of the name, it is put in the list. For as long as there is a "super" (not case sensitive) in the name of the character, it will register as a match.

This command opens your Kafra storage. You can open the Kafra storage anywhere and any time you want by typing this command.

This command opens your guild storage. You can open the guild storage anywhere and any time you want. You must be in a guild to use this command.

This command mimics the Kafra warp service. Typing "@go" will give you a list of maps you can warp to. Format: "@go #" or "@go ". Only a few maps can be warped to using the @go command. This command always warps you to the same coordinates. Examples: "@go morocc" will warp you to morocc. "@go 3" will warp you to Payon. Incomplete map names also work, like "@go pront" will warp you to prontera.

@time or @date or @serverdate
XileRO has an ingame time system, cycling between day and night. This time system is independent of real world time. One day cycle lasts 3 hours. These commands shows what "time" it is in the game, and also tells you when the "time" will change. typing "@time" or "@date" or "@serverdate" has no difference in the output. Both commands do the exact same thing.

GMs have the authority to send you to "jail" if you do something wrong, like block an NPC. The "jail" is a small map with no exit, and warping is disabled. This command will tell you how much more time you will stay in "jail" until you are returned in the game. Logging off and logging on again will not get you out of jail.

The only map available for player vending (ex. Merchant class "Vending" skill) is morocc. Using this command, all the stores may be checked for you if you are searching for a specific item. Format: "@whosell ". Example: "@whosell rookie badge" will list all players vending the item "Rookie Badge", with their store name and coordinates. Example output:

Typed: @whosell rookie badge

Vender: |SouL ReapeR| | Amount: 4 | Price: 160000000 | Shop: RB,FANG OF GRM,PIPE,+10VVVS PKE,WEAP | Coord: 159,94
Vender: "C.L.Y.V.E.E" | Amount: 2 | Price: 140000000 | Shop: SeeD/RB | Coord: 140,89
Vender: Weaker Me | Amount: 6 | Price: 145000000 | Shop: Rookie Badge 145m | Coord: 164,85
Vender: The Sakura | Amount: 6 | Price: 150000000 | Shop: S>RB=150m | Coord: 160,90
Vender: Kios Kaki Lima | Amount: 6 | Price: 150000000 | Shop: RB=150M | Coord: 160,103
Vender: Tanah Abang | Amount: 6 | Price: 150000000 | Shop: RB=150M | Coord: 160,102
Vender: Pretty Sakura | Amount: 6 | Price: 150000000 | Shop: S>RB=150m | Coord: 160,89
Vender: MeTaL-BlCk | Amount: 6 | Price: 150000000 | Shop: RB = 150m Ea [Cheap] | Coord: 158,84
Vender: LoonieD | Amount: 4 | Price: 150000000 | Shop: RB & Clips | Coord: 173,74
Vender: [Blac[K]] | Amount: 6 | Price: 150000000 | Shop: S>RB=150m | Coord: 160,88
Vender: XiauPin** | Amount: 6 | Price: 150000000 | Shop: RB=150M & Berry | Coord: 160,104
Vender: ~~FiguraCaveat~~ | Amount: 6 | Price: 150000000 | Shop: RB = 150m Ea [Cheap] | Coord: 158,83
Vender: bl@zer003 | Amount: 2 | Price: 130000000 | Shop: BArgain sale | Coord: 174,96
Vender: gemBel cAntik | Amount: 5 | Price: 150000000 | Shop: si canTik MFC | Coord: 174,103
Vender: geMbel cuTe's | Amount: 5 | Price: 150000000 | Shop: Monyet FIst RB | Coord: 164,108
Vender: gemBel kaYa | Amount: 6 | Price: 150000000 | Shop: si CAntik | Coord: 164,98
Vender: HeavenGard | Amount: 6 | Price: 150000000 | Shop: RB = 150m Ea [Cheap] | Coord: 158,82
Vender: TangkapAku | Amount: 4 | Price: 155000000 | Shop: RB|BKC|PDB VERY CHEAP!!! | Coord: 151,84
Found 18 being vended. Range of prices: 130000000 ~ 160000000.

As you can see, it lists all people vending Rookie Badge, AND gives you a price range, so you can easily spot the cheapest RB.

This command shows how long the server is running without error. Sometimes, the Admins reset the server to perform maintenance or to implement updates. Example output:

Server Uptime: 1 days, 23 hours, 24 minutes, 35 seconds.

This command will automatically put drops from monsters you kill straight to your inventory, without having to manually pick them up. Typing "@autoloot" toggles the option ON or OFF. Typing "@autoloot " will loot items with drop rates less than or equal to the number you specified. For example, if you are hunting Ancient Rosary from mimics (Ancient Rosary has 20% drop rate), you should type "@autoloot 20" to automatically loot the Ancient Rosary, leaving all other drops behind.

@mobinfo or @monsterinfo or @mi
This command shows monster info, like level, base exp, job exp, element, race, drops,etc. Format: "@mi "

Example: @mi poring

Monster: 'Poring'/'Poring'/'PORING' (1002)
Level:1 HP:50 SP:1 Base EXP:20000 Job EXP:10000
ATK:7~10 Range:1~10~12 Size:Medium Race: Plant Element: Water (Lv:1)
- Jellopy 100.00% - Knife[4] 100.00% - Sticky Mucus 100.00%
- Apple 100.00% - Empty Bottle 100.00% - Poring Doll 100.00%
- Unripe Apple 100.00% - Poring Card 100.00%
Monster: 'Poporing'/'Poporing'/'POPORING' (1031) Level:14 HP:344 SP:1 Base EXP:810000 Job EXP:440000
DEF:0 MDEF:10 STR:1 AGI:14 VIT:14 INT:1 DEX:19 LUK:15
ATK:59~72 Range:1~10~12 Size:Medium Race: Plant Element: Poison (Lv:1)
- Sticky Mucus 100.00% - Garlet 100.00% - Green Herb 100.00%
- Grape 100.00% - Zircon 100.00% - Apple 20.00%
- Apple 20.00% - Poporing Card 100.00%
Monster: 'Santa Poring'/'Santa Poring'/'SANTA_PORING' (1062)
Level:3 HP:69 SP:1 Base EXP:40000 Job EXP:50000
DEF:0 MDEF:0 STR:1 AGI:14 VIT:3 INT:10 DEX:12 LUK:90
ATK:12~16 Range:1~10~12 Size:Medium Race: Plant Element: Holy (Lv:1)
- Candy 100.00% - Candy Cane 100.00% - Red Herb 100.00%
- Apple 100.00% - Santa Hat 100.00% - Poring Doll 100.00%
- Apple 20.00% - Santa Poring Card 20.00%

As you can see, all monsters with "poring" in the name are registered as matches. @exp
This command shows you your current exp. This will only be useful when your base level is beyond 99 (ex. 194)

because the exp in your status bar shows 77475% or some other weird number.

This command shows base exp/job exp for your current server. Currently, all XileRO servers have 2000x/2000x rate.

@iteminfo or @ii
This command shows an item's description, including NPC buy/sell rates and monster drop rates. However, it does not show which NPCs sell which items or which monsters drop the item.

Example: @ii pasana card

Item: 'Pasana_Card'/'Pasana Card'[0] (4099) Type: Card | Extra Effect: With script
NPC Buy:20z, Sell:10z | Weight: 1.0
- Maximal monsters drop chance: 20.00%

This command shows which monsters drop an item. Format: @whodrops

Example: @whodrops yggdrasilberry

Item: 'Yggdrasil Berry'[0]
- Common mobs with highest drop chance (only max 5 are listed):
- Atros (100.00%)
- Ktullanux (100.00%)
- Lady Tanee (100.00%)
- Bacsojin (100.00%)
- Incantation Samurai (100.00%)

This command displays a message above your character, like normal chat. Format: @me .

This toggles the light green "Experience gained" message from the chatlog on or off

@autotrade or @at
This command disconnects your client RO from the server, but keeps the character "online". This command is available to vending merchant classes only. Useful for when you want to vend without keeping your computer on. The @autotrade'd character will remain vending until a server reset.

@changegm Changes the current guild master of a guild. You must be in a guild and be the guild master for this command to work.

Changes the current party leader of a party. You must be in a party and be the party leader for this command to work.

This command allows you to toggle item distribution and item sharing on or off in a party. Format: @partyoption

Example: "@partyoption no yes" will set pickup share to no and item distribution to yes.
Invites a player to a duel when you are in the Duel Arena. Format: @invite .
This command allows you to duel with a character. This command is only usable on the Duel Arena (guild_vs3) by

taking to the Duel Arena NPC in the waiting room (arena_room or @go 26).

This command cancels a current duel.

This command accepts a duel request.

This command rejects a duel request.

@away or @aw
This command allows you to set an "away" message. Any characters PMing your character will receive an automated response. Example: "@aw AFK BRB" When a character PMs your character, he/she will receive a PM from you that reads:

"Away-*AFK BRB*"

This command lists all available commands for your character.

Toggles automatically rejecting all requests (party, guild, trade, etc.) ON or OFF.

Usable only if you have a homunculus. Format: "@homtalk " will make your homunculus say the message.

Example (with a Vanilmirth as a pet): "@homtalk Hi"

Output: "Vanilmirth: Hi"

@hominfo Usable only if you have a homunculus. This command shows your homunculus's stats, intimacy, hunger.
Example (this is my homunculus): @hominfo

Homunculus stats :
HP : 1608/6902 - SP : 525/525
ATK : 427 - MATK : 337~337
Hungry : 0 - Intimacy : 34
Stats: Str 107 / Agi 146 / Vit 19 / Int 81 / Dex 114 / Luk 73

Usable only if you have a homunculus. Shows your homunculus's stats.
Example (this is my homunculus): @homstats

Homunculus growth stats (Lv 113 Filir):
Max HP: 6902 (5130~8490)
Max SP: 525 (361~697)
Str: 107 (29~253)
Agi: 146 (35~259)
Vit: 19 (9~121)
Int: 81 (8~120)
Dex: 114 (30~254)
Luk: 73 (9~121)

@autostore or @autostorage
This command automatically puts items you specify in storage instead of your character's inventory. Useful for low

STR characters like High Wizards who hunt heavy items like gold. Format: "@autostore "
Min. weight is the minimum weight before the character starts autostoring. Example: setting a min. weight of 2 will start autostoring items once your weight is 20% of your max weight. The highest value you can set for min. weight is 8 (80%).
Item type codes are as follows:
1: Usable items
2: Equipment
3: Etc
For a combination of two or more, add the item type codes together. Example: If you want to autostore usable items and etc. items, the item code should be 4. (1+3=4) To deactivate autostore, set the item type code to 0.

Example: @autostore 6 5
This command will autostore equipment and etc items once your weight is 60%

This command allows you to drop items on the ground. By default, the drop option is disabled. Type "@drop on" to

allow dropping items. To disable, type "@drop off"

@dance This command makes your character "dance", giving it weird animations. Spam for best results.

This command allows you to automatically loot a specific item. Format: "@autolootitem "
Example: "@autolootitem yggdrasilberry" will automatically loot Yggdrasilberry from any monster you kill that drops the Yggdrasilberry. However, take note: this command will NOT pick up Yggdrasilberries that are on the ground.

This command prevents your character from attacking a monster that another player is attacking. This option is not usually used in PK and EX because KSing is allowed in those servers.
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